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Saira Resources Sdn Bhd with its reliable and valued partners are providing high quality professional, cost effective Business Management Consultancy in the sector of Plastic, Tyre, Rubber, Paper Recycling Projects, Trading Businesses, Hotels, Restaurants, Super Markets, Import, Export Business, Formation of New Partnership / Private Limited Companies and other Businesses which you want to do in Malaysia.

In addition to above, what we are providing in services sector:

  • Immigration related services (all type of Working Permits – Employment Pass/Visa for Directors/Partners, Dependents, and staffs).
  • PR (Permanent Residence) for all those people who want to remain in Malaysia on permanent or long-term basis. 
  • Preparation of company accounts, audit services, filling and preparation of income tax and GST returns.
  • Company's shares Increasing or Issuing of Capital – including the entry and exit of the directors of the company.
  • Incorporation/Formation of new Sdn. Bhd. (Private Limited Company), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Company, Sole Proprietorship / Partnership Company, Foreign Company, and Secretarial and Auditing Firm.  

Our some special and exceptional service, which are offering to our foreign professionals and entrepreneurs wishing to relocate to Malaysia.

  • Comprehensive Business/Projects Feasibility, estimated expenses on Business/Factory, advance intimation on your Business Profit, arrangement of Office, Shop, Warehouse, Factory and Land (on rent and ownership basis), arrangement of Labour/Staff, providing of services.
  • For the getting of Incentives/Tax Holidays, business related permits and licenses from the Government of Malaysia on the formation of Factory and other reliable business.

Saira Resources Sdn Bhd Malaysia presents its proud project which is the output of the day and night efforts of Mr. Zahid Habib and the essence of his 25 years of experiences to all those foreign investors who would like to setup a small, medium or large-sized recycling projects in Malaysia.
We are providing our services with highly educated & credible architectures, contractors, drafts men, electrical technicians, plumbing engineers, and trustworthy machinery suppliers. These people are playing very important role in the setting up of any kind of industry, with the experience of ten to fifteen (10 / 15) years.

You will always find our professional services fees very competitive and reasonable.
Our goal is to constantly upgrade our services in order to serve you better

The following are Saira Resources Sdn Bhd. reliable partners:
Aeon Management Sdn. Bhd. – Malaysia



One of our genius, honourable realistic, honest, hard worker, shareholder and director Mr. Zohaib Habib of M/s Saira Resources Sdn. Bhd.  is taking gold medal from the Honourable Ambassador of United Kingdom, on 20th October, 2011. in this picture on the completion of his Master’s degree in charter of Accounts & Finance.

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