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Why Recycling in Malaysia?

The Importance of Waste and Scrap Recycling in Malaysia                                      

In a high growth economy like Malaysia, recycling is the key due to the fact that it reduces waste materials that are used every day and transforms them to produce new materials without the need to send the entire waste to landfills or dump sites.

The average Malaysian throws away 1.64kg of waste per day. According to a World Bank report, this is 0.44kg of additional waste that is produced by the average worldwide city dweller at 1.2kg.

Yes, we Malaysians throw away and waste more than normal. At this rate, the waste production of Malaysians would increase by a drastic 65% from 10,000 tons per day in 2010 to 17,000 tons per day by 2020, filling up to the brim the capacity of two out of three landfills at Jeram in Kuala Selangor and Tanjung Dua Belas in Kuala Langat by 2035

Malaysia recycle strategy helps in saving precious natural resources since it saves trees and water. Recycling 14 million trees equivalent of paper reduces air pollution by 165,142 tons.

Create more jobs when compared to more thrash that is generated through landfill and incineration, the traditional methods of waste management.

Malaysia recycle involves recycling for the purpose of saving energy. With growing demand for energy and in order to conserve energy in an era of unpredictable energy markets, recycling is an indispensable option for Malaysia recycle. The energy savings obtained due to Malaysia recycle plans offer important environmental benefits and it needs less energy for producing new products from recycled materials when compared to making it from new materials.

For example, during the manufacture of cans, recycled aluminium requires 96 % less energy than compared to manufacture of new aluminium from its source material, bauxite. Malaysia recycle is achieved effectively since plastic bottles consume 76% less energy while paper needs 45% less energy and glass uses 21% less energy.

The recycling (Pyrolysis) of tire, rubber and plastic scrap is participating its role in the collection of solid waste, saving foreign exchange on the import of cured / furnace oil and providing low cost burning fuel to industries

Malaysia recycle saves enough energy per annum that can be used to power close to one million Malaysia homes and also in reducing water pollutants by more than 21,000 tons. On an average Malaysia generates around 12, 000 pounds of carbon dioxide per annum as a result of energy use for home energy, personal transportation, and also from the energy used for different products and services.

Why Malaysia Need Waste Recycling?                                                                 

Waste creates a huge negative impact on the nature and external environment and hence recycling plays a major role. Malaysia recycle plans helps in reducing the release of greenhouse gasses and chemicals in landfill sites.

At a time when it is estimated that all land sites in Malaysia will get full by 2020, it is important that alternative strategies for Malaysia recycle are explored and this is necessary to create sustainable waste management practices for Malaysia recycle that contributes for an overall developed country in terms of economy and also in conserving the environment.

Solid waste management continues to be a costly affair with about two-thirds of the local council's total collected annual assessment fees being spent to manage solid waste. Yet at the same time, our waste recycling rate is way below the average levels at a mere 11% of the total solid waste being produced compared to 57% in Singapore and 66% in Germany.


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