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Permanent Residence

Permanent Residency (PR)        


Find out the requirements for permanent residency and citizenship in Malaysia…

Anyone granted permanent residence status in Malaysia is

Permanent Residency status in Malaysia is granted to any Foreign Citizen under the Immigration Act and Regulations 1959/63. By issued with an Entry Permit and Identification Card (MyPR) Foreign Citizen with Permanent Resident status will be exempted from all Visa requirements to Enter and Remain in Malaysia.

Permanent residence status entitles the individual to:

  • Reside in Malaysia for as long as they wish without any limit of time
  • Work and do business in the country
  • Buy property anywhere in Malaysia
  • Be exempt from any visa or immigration requirements to enter and exit Malaysia

Obligation as Permanent Resident in Malaysia
At all-time observe the Laws of Malaysia
Not allowed to involve in any Political Party and Associations
The Permanent Resident status is subject to revocation at time if deem necessary by the Government

Eligibility requirements for Permanent Residence Status applicants:

  • High net worth individuals, who have a minimum of US$ 2 million Fixed Deposit in a Malaysian bank. This should remain in the bank for a period of five years. The individual and their spouse and children may seek permanent resident status after five years' stay in Malaysia. Applications should be submitted to the Immigration Department.
  • Highly talented and highly skilled individuals, who are considered "world class" by any international organisation and who are recommended by an organisation. To apply for permanent residency in this category, applicants must submit a Good Conduct report from their home country that should be submitted with their application to the Immigration Department.
  • Professionals, who are considered to have outstanding skills may apply for permanent residency. Applicants must be recommended by a relevant agency in Malaysia and submit a Good Conduct report from their home country. Applications should be submitted to the Immigration Department.
  • Spouse of a Malaysian Citizen may apply for permanent residency if married to a Malaysian citizen for a minimum period of five years. The spouse must also have stayed in Malaysia for five years. The applicant should already have a Long Term Visit Pass and have one Malaysian sponsor. Applications should be made to the Immigration Department.
  • The Points Based System is another way of applying for permanent residency. The minimum number of points required to apply for permanent residence status is 65 points out of 120. Applicants are also required to have one Malaysian sponsor and submit a Good Conduct report from their home country. Applications should be made to the Immigration Department.
  • For more information about applying for permanent residency: Click here

Malaysian Citizenship

It is possible to get Malaysian citizenship by registration or naturalisation. Registration is for anyone who is a citizen of Malaysia by right but needs to be registered. Naturalisation is for anyone who wants to become a Malaysian citizen and who must abide by the requirements and conditions set out by the Federal Government of Malaysia. Dual citizenship is not allowed in Malaysia.

To become a Malaysian citizen, the applicant must have an adequate knowledge of the Malay language and have lived in Malaysia for ten of the past twelve years, including the year prior to naturalisation.

  •  For more information about getting Malaysian citizenship: Click here

Please contact us for the information and application as following:-

MyPR http://www.jpn.gov.my/en/informasi/mypr



All persons with permanent resident status are required to change their identity cards to MyPR beginning 1 June 2006.


Clear identification of permanent resident

Red background

Displays information on original nationality.

Displays the entry permit number if applicable



First application can be made at the NRD headquarters, in Putrajaya and NRD state offices only.

Application for replacement can be made at any NRD counter.



Original and copy of entry permit

Original and copy of the passport

Original and copy of birth certificate for those born in Malaysia

Original and copy of adoption certificate (if applicable)

Other supporting documents


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