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Saira Resources Sdn Bhd Malaysia presents its proud project which is the output of the day and night efforts of Zahid Habib and the essence of his 25 years of experiences to all those foreign investors who would like to put a small or medium-sized rubber recycling factory in Malaysia.

Saira Resources Sdn Bhd Working as a your business management consultant, managing your business interests on your behalf at Malaysian grounds with Our highly educated and credible architectures, contractors, drafts men, electrical technicians, plumbing engineers and reliable providers of machineries. These people will play their important role from A to Z in the formation of your factory till its success.


Can you believe it that, in the today's world where is in high businesses competition, still some businesses are available in the Malaysian ground where you can take back return of your investment in a year, if you don’t believe it, we can prove it.

You no need to pay or invest with anybody, just keep your investment in your hand, establish your own company on your name and do start your business with your self

Please find below some information pertaining to rubber recycling plant that may be helpful in understanding this project:

  1. The project is designed to be very simple so that even inexperienced people can run this business very smoothly without any difficulty.

  2. The investment in the project is considered to be 100% secure as you are the 100% shareholder in the company.

  3. The greatest quality of this project is this that the project would return the whole invested capital within a year according to the prevailing conditions and with the will of Allah Tala. Plant and building remain as a profit.

  4. A small-sized project from the starting to end would take an investment of USD 250,000 – 300,000 as all costs.

  5. In this project we will provide you with a net income after removing all costs on daily basis of about USD 800 – 1,000.

  6. A local partner for this project is not required.

  7. Easy availability and ample supply of raw materials.

  8. We will supply credit based monthly supply of raw materials without any additional cost.

  9. Sale of the end product would be on cash or advance basis.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Government of Malaysia allows 5 years tax exemption for every foreign investor on the establishment of factory. After 3 years additional investment in factory to increase its production capacity will exempt from tax for a further 12 years which means that for 15 years you can increase your profit without the payment of taxes.


In all we think of ourselves as highly competent and confident to fulfil all of the organizational needs of your company in an authentic and business manner.

We hope that you will give us a chance to serve. We are ever ready to serve you better.

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